Traditionally, the prime season to list a home is around late spring and early summer.

During this time, listings and sales increase as families look to settle into a new home before the school year. Ideal weather may also be a factor.

Selling your home during the holiday season may sound contradictory, but it’s actually not a bad idea.

Here are five strategic reasons you can list your home now and unwrap a big gift in the form of a successful home sale this holiday season!

Dreaming of a fruitful tax season

Sometimes, the greatest motivation is a tax break. If families can sign on the dotted line before the year ends, they can take advantage of some phenomenal tax breaks the following year. As the year nears its end, tax benefits are yet another advantage sellers can point to in order to attract buyers.

Holiday curb appeal

If your charming home looks great during the holiday season, it can entice more buyers than you think. Homes full of holiday cheer offer unique curb appeal that is not possible during the summer months. In addition, it may pull at the heartstrings of potential buyers as they think of spending the holidays with their loved ones in a beautifully decorated home.

Holidays = more free time to house hunt

Unlike the busy summer season of vacations, summer camps and sports, families typically have more free time during the holidays. This means they can spend more time searching for a home and have a little extra time to close the deal and move in.

Buyers are in the spirit and motivated

Families that didn’t get a chance to land a new home over summer may be eager for a second chance before the year’s end. They are highly motivated and that could translate into above-asking offers on listings.

In addition, buyers know that the traditional buying season has eclipsed and this creates a secondary, yet powerful, market that is likely to produce attractive offers!

Less competition

Since most families searched for a home during the summer months when inventory is higher, your listing will have fewer competitors in the market. This tighter inventory gives the seller the upper hand!

If you’re ready to put a big red bow on your home and put it on the market this holiday season, please contact me today so we can get started!